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I’m mainly interested in three broad philosophical issues:

  • TIME: What does it mean to say time passes? What is change?  And how should time affect our beliefs and values?
  • MODALITY: What does it mean to say something is possible or necessary?  Is there anything essential to being a person?
  • RELIGIOUS BELIEF: What opportunities and puzzles do religious pluralism raise for rational religious belief?  What opportunities and puzzles to the prevalence of evil raise for rational religious belief?  And in what respects is religious language “special”?

Check out my CV or more complete Research Description.

I’m also committed to making philosophy accessible to a broad audience.  I am currently developing a large-lecture course for Notre Dame students called God and the Good Life which tackles four questions from different philosophical frameworks: (1) What should you believe? (2) Should you practice a religion? (3) What (if any) are the absolute moral limits? and (4) What does it mean to have led a “meaningful” life?  I also periodically write public philosophy pieces for venues like the Huffington Post.

Want to know more?  Check out the links above or send me an email at sullivan-dot-meghan-at-gmail-dot-com.