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I’ve developed and teach a large-lecture version of introduction to philosophy–God and the Good Lifewhich immerses students in the great debates about the rationality of religious belief, what kind of life is worth living, and what exactly morality requires of us.  The class pairs large “forum-style” debates with a unique and intensive discussion group experience, modeled after the Sustained Dialogue program.  The course also has a significant digital component: interactive texts, interviews, and short films.  Check out the trailer:

In Spring 2017, I launched a new initiative for advanced undergraduates–the GGL Fellows program and Philosophy as a Way of Life Seminar. This is an opportunity for students to develop advanced leadership and discussion skills and to be part of an intensive, immersive philosophy community.  GGL Fellows receive a stipend and lead peer dialogue groups for God and the Good Life.  

For undergraduates, I also occasionally offer an interdisciplinary sophomore seminar on time and a majors seminar in metaphysics.  For graduate students, I periodically teach our first-year Proseminar, which covers major developments in philosophy of language, metaphysics, and epistemology in the 20th century.  And I offer specialized research seminars on topics in metaphysics and rationality.  Links to course pages and syllabi are below (updates in progress).

Courses and Syllabi:

(1) First Philosophy Courses:Speechmaking

  1. God and the Good Life
  2. Introduction to Philosophy (Lecture Version)
  3. Honors Introduction to Philosophy
  4. Current Moral and Social Issues (Rutgers)

(2) For Majors and Upperclassmen:

  1. Experiencing Time (College Seminar)
  2. Metaphysics (Major Seminar)
  3. Philosophy as a Way of Life (Seminar)
  4. Introduction to Symbolic Logic (Rutgers)
  5. Modal Logic and Metalogic (Rutgers)

(3) Graduate Seminars:

  1. Diachronic Rationality and Personal Persistence


    Philo as Way of Life 2017

  2. Alternative Theories of Modality (co-taught with Sam Newlands)
  3. Proseminar: 20th Century Language, Epistemology and Metaphysics
  4. Time in Metaphysics and Logic
  5. The Philosophy Pedagogy Workshop