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Research Description


My research divides into roughly six categories.  Click on each link for a (mostly non-specialist) description of the questions I’m working on, as well references to relevant articles.  You can usually find copies of the published articles here … or just email me for drafts.  In 2018-2019, my main projects are (1) articles extending the theory of temporal neutrality in Time Biases; (2) a currently untitled book on ethical commitment, intellectual commitment, and religious faith; (3) articles and public talks on how we live out philosophical commitments; and (4) an article on methodology in modal and temporal metaphysics.

  1. Time and Rationality

  2. Time, Change, and Existence

  3. Essentialism and Modal Conventions

  4. Religious Pluralism, Religious Language, and the Rationality of Religious Faith

  5. Philosophy as a Way of Life (Coming Soon)

  6. Encyclopedia Articles and Miscellaneous Academic Writing