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Note that in some cases the posted versions are unpublished drafts that still are (or were) actively in the editing phase.  Please do not repost without permission, and please make sure you rely on the most up-to-date or published version.  Sometimes I take papers down to comply with journal submission guidelines or editorial policies.  If you’d like a paper that isn’t accessible here, just send me an email.  And the most up-to-date list is always my CV.

Books in Progress

  1. Agapism: A Theory of Our Inner Lives and Outer Commitments
    • A research monograph on love and the foundations of moral and religious reasoning.
  2. God and the Good Life (with Paul Blaschko). Under contract with Penguin Press (Penguin Random House)
    • A research monograph in virtue ethics, pitched to broad audience. The book develops a Neo-Aristotelian approach to reasoning through core questions of belief, morality, faith, and meaning. Case studies and arguments are drawn from curriculum in popular course.

Article Drafts in Progress, Committed, or Under Review

  1. “Time.” Updated entry for Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (with Nina Emery and Ned Markosian)
  2. “Temporal Discounting in Psychology and Philosophy: Four Proposals for Mutual Research Aid” for Temporal Asymmetries in Philosophy and Psychology. Oxford University Press.
  3. “Scheduling Deliberation” for Philosophical Perspectives 2022.
  4. “What Matters in Psychological Continuity? Accommodating Profound Psychological Change in Unbiased Egoistic Concern” (with Preston Greene) for Identity and the Self: Advances in Experimental Philosophy London: Bloomsbury, ed. Kevin Tobia.
  5. “Modal Logic and the Methodology of Metaphysics: A Case Study in the Relationship Between Formalism and Abduction”
  6. “Catholic Philosophy as a Way of Life”
  7. “The Love Imperative: A Defense”

Published Book

  1. Time Biases: A Theory of Rational Planning and Personal Persistence. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)
    • Reviewed in: The NDPR (Apr 2019), Analysis (Forthcoming), The Journal of Moral Philosophy (Forthcoming), Economics & Philosophy (Forthcoming)

Published and Forthcoming Research Articles

  1. “Public Conversion, Private Reason and Institutional Crisis” Forthcoming in Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.
  2. “Teaching Evil.” for Christian Philosophy: Conceptions, Continuations and Challenges. Oxford: Oxford University Press Forthcoming.
  3. “Personal Volatility” for Philosophical Issues (supplement to Nous) 2017.
  4. Yet Another “Epicurean” Argument” (with Peter Finocchiaro) Philosophical Perspectives.  Special Issue: Metaphysics.
  5. “Boring Ontological Realism.” forthcoming in Res Philosophica.
  6. “A Philosophy for the End (Whenever It Comes).” for Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy. Special issue on remote consequences and ethical analysis.
  7. An A-Theory Without Tense Operators.” Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Vol 46, Issue 4-5 (2016), pp 735-758.
    • Reprinted in Williamson on Modality. ed.s Juhani Yli-Vakkuri and Mark McCullagh (London: Routledge, 2018)
  8. Are There Essential Properties?” Current Controversies in Metaphysics. ed. Elizabeth Barnes. (New York: Routledge, 2017)
  9. The Semantic Problem of Hiddenness.” Hidden Divinity and Religious Belief: New Perspectives. eds. Adam Green and Eleonore Stump. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015) pp 35-52.
  10. Against Time Bias.” Ethics. Vol 125 (July 2015), pp.1-24. (with Preston Greene)
  11. The Irrelevance of Essence .” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Vol 91, No. 2 (Sep 2015).
  12. Modal Oecumenism.” Analysis. Vol. 75, Issue 2 (2015), pp.271-283.
  13. Metaphysics.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (Oct 2014)
  14. Modal Logic as Methodology.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Vol. 88, Issue 3 (May 2014) pp.734-743.
  15. Change We Can Believe In (and Assert).” Nous. Vol. 48, Issue 3 (Sep 2014), pp. 474-495.
  16. Peter van Inwagen’s Defense.” Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil. eds. Daniel Howard-Snyder and Justin McBreyer. (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), pp. 396-410.
  17. The Minimal A-Theory.” Philosophical Studies. Vol 158, Issue 2 (2012), pp. 149-174.
  18. Problems for Temporary Existence in Tense Logic.” Philosophy Compass. (Jan 2012), pp. 43-57.
  19. Semantics for Blasphemy.” Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion. Vol. 4 (2012), pp. 159-173.
    • Finalist for the 2010 Younger Scholars Prize in Philosophical Theology.

Book Reviews

  1. Review of Objective Becoming (Bradford Skow) for The Philosophical Review.
  2. Review of Midlife: A Philosophical Guide (Kieran Setiya) for Commonweal
  3. Review of The Moving Spotlight (Ross Cameron) for NDPR.
  4. Review of The Future of Philosophy of Time for NDPR (Feb 2012).
  5. Review of The Practice of Catholic Theology (Paul Griffiths) for Commonweal. (Oct 2016: Theology Issue)

Articles for Popular Audiences

  1. The Problem with Lazarus” Commonweal (Apr 2019)
  2. Time Biases. Elucidations: University of Chicago Philosophy Podcast.
  3. “What Metaphysics Isn’t.” The Philosophers Magazine (July 2016)
  4. “The Gift Economy and the Point of College”. Huffington Post (Dec 2015)
  5. “Life as a Leftover”. Huffington Post (Nov 2015)
  6. “Time Biases: An Introduction.”  Philosop-Her Blog (Dec 2014)
  7. “Uneasy Grace”. Feature Essay for First Things. (April 2014)
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